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What happened to me when I invested in social business Birdsong

Like most of us I am a regular charitable donor. Whether supporting your charity run or texting cash for a DEC appeal. I am there. To me it does not matter if you finish the marathon in super speedy time. I have donated because you asked me to support a cause that you care about.

I have even pre-bought product through crowdfunding. It was great knowing the I had helped get something out into the market by buying to before it was made. I got my purchase. 

But I have never before invested until now, until Birdsong, the ethical online clothes store did their first ever raise. I am now an investor – get me!

I know the team – they are awesome. I trust their values and that they can deliver it. But most of all the business they have built is about solving a real problem.No sweatshop. No Photoshop. So my contribution is 99% motivated by the same drivers as i would make a charitable donation.

So when I hit the button to make my small £25 contribution I expected it to feel like making a charitable donation. After all I was claiming a stake it because I care about what they doing and if I never got the money back I won’t really miss it.  

What actual happened was something very different. I had invested! I don’t just mean cash wise. I became personally invested in making what they do successful because I am bound to them now in some small way as they continue their business journey. 

When they hit their target I didn’t just say well done. I told my mates that this was something they should invest in too. I wanted them to raise more because I have skin in the game. 

I didn’t just ‘donate’ and forget. I found myself relishing every update on their progress and will continue to do so, because nestling in amongst the big investors is my £25. I am now in a relationship with an ethical company that has a future stretching before it!

Just wait till Christmas, my Facebook will be full of the great ways you can gift from ‘my’ company Birdsong.

By investing £25 they also got a bit of me, an ambassador, a customer and a loyal good word for the long-term. This blog 😉

If you have never invested before then I encourage you to try it. Dip your toe in the water with as little as £10 and see how it feels.  Birdsong’s equity crowdfunding is still open (for one more day). It’s where all the ‘best’ investor are putting their money right now!

(please excuse my bad spelling and typo’s – my autocorrect is on a meditation retreat!)