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Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 2016For some reason the Council development company that is building the Plaistow Hub did not feel putting information online was necessary or would solicit anything useful. I feel like we have been transported back to 1997!

The consultation agency that have been hired by Red Door –  ‘Your Shout’ said:

“With the other projects we have done with Red Door Ventures we have found that extensive leafletting and ensuring that we hold our events in convenient and popular locations for the local community has been effective.”

A bit disappointing as it would not take 5 minutes to set up a landing page and a survey – and wth such a big development proposal alongside another development of equal size I would have thought that all communications channels would be employed to make sure that this application gets as smooth a passage as possible. The tube station may have been more convenient than the library.  Building on a park is always contentious so it is really important communication is spot on and there is a real sense that the developers care about the area rather than just going through the motions!

The changes to the local area are significant and the potential for a regeneration of Plaistow is obvious. Treating the applications as separate and with minimal consultation of local residents is both patronising and a wasted opportunity. It is very frustrating.

If you missed the consultation and want to know more here are the ‘presentation boards’ and if you want to share more thoughts than ‘yes’ or ‘no’ then you can email Sheli at Your Shout or call 0800 458 6976

Or you could make some comments below. I am going to visit them on Friday to get a better idea of the timetable, the consultation process, who to contact at the developers and who we can speak to at the council.

Key dates:

  • Red Door will be submitting a full planning application to Newham Council in Spring 2017.
  • Start building on site in early 2018.

2 Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 20163. Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 20164. Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 20167. Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 20168. Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 20169. Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 2016

10. Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 2016


4 thoughts on “Missed the consultation?

  1. Scott Hicks

    Thanks for putting these boards up for viewing/discussion as I missed the chance to see them at Plaistow Library and couldn’t find any mention or details on Newham’s website. I agree with your comment that the ticket machines need to be moved further into the station to ease congestion and hope TFL act on that as soon as possible.

  2. nick

    Thanks for putting the Plaistow Hub boards up. I did attend the 250 Plaistow Road exhibition and submitted comments.

    Just some general thoughts as a new resident.

    We moved to the area off Terrace Road in October 2015, but know a number of similar young families have too.

    Improvement in the public realm is really important and lift/non-stair access to the station platforms should be an absolute necessity. Improvement for cyclists on the main road would be welcome. Some of the drivers are pretty reckless and go very fast.

    On the commercial aspect of the new sites, I really hope these aren’t let to more betting shops, fast-food chicken shops and bad grocery stores! The local community are great around here and they should be better served for all their grocery needs and general well-being. I’m not a fan of the new Vaping shops springing up in the area but do hope local initiative is bold and forward looking.

  3. Ally Munarriz

    Hi, I made detailed comments on the website http://www.259plaistowroad.co.uk last year as it said that they were making the planning application last autumn but nothing seems to have happened and as there are no signs outside the garage now I assumed it was not going ahead. I also emailed via that site and received no reply so was a bit unimpressed that they weren’t engaging with local residents who showed an interest.


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