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Missed the consultation?

Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 2016For some reason the Council development company that is building the Plaistow Hub did not feel putting information online was necessary or would solicit anything useful. I feel like we have been transported back to 1997!

The consultation agency that have been hired by Red Door –  ‘Your Shout’ said:

“With the other projects we have done with Red Door Ventures we have found that extensive leafletting and ensuring that we hold our events in convenient and popular locations for the local community has been effective.”

A bit disappointing as it would not take 5 minutes to set up a landing page and a survey – and wth such a big development proposal alongside another development of equal size I would have thought that all communications channels would be employed to make sure that this application gets as smooth a passage as possible. The tube station may have been more convenient than the library.  Building on a park is always contentious so it is really important communication is spot on and there is a real sense that the developers care about the area rather than just going through the motions!

The changes to the local area are significant and the potential for a regeneration of Plaistow is obvious. Treating the applications as separate and with minimal consultation of local residents is both patronising and a wasted opportunity. It is very frustrating.

If you missed the consultation and want to know more here are the ‘presentation boards’ and if you want to share more thoughts than ‘yes’ or ‘no’ then you can email Sheli at Your Shout or call 0800 458 6976

Or you could make some comments below. I am going to visit them on Friday to get a better idea of the timetable, the consultation process, who to contact at the developers and who we can speak to at the council.

Key dates:

  • Red Door will be submitting a full planning application to Newham Council in Spring 2017.
  • Start building on site in early 2018.

2 Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 20163. Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 20164. Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 20167. Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 20168. Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 20169. Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 2016

10. Plaistow Hub Exhibition Boards October 2016


Questions to ask at The Plaistow Hub Consultation

There are going to be changes in Plaistow and I am pretty excited. London is an ever evolving city and I never expect where I live to remain unchanged. I see new developments as an exciting opportunity to being in some new  and also improve the old.

Screenshot 2016-10-23 12.54.26The Plaistow Hub Proposals have been drawn-up by the Council’s developers. The small pictures provided on the first leaflet are a bit hard to decipher, but they involve utilising the underused carpark behind the station, making the most of the split level site. A new tower will occupy the end of the road next to the boxing club. I will be sad to lose my view of the City of London. But hey – there will be more homes for people. 🙂

The other site in the development is the currently mothballed sports pitch on the edge of the park.

Neither site will be without concerns. Was the sports pitch mothballed deliberately? (I don’t know the history of this site so don’t want to jump to conclusion, but the remaining sports pitch does not meet demand). A tall tower will block light to this well used park.

Screenshot 2016-10-23 12.54.35You must make your voice heard.

It is early days, but the most important thing is to make sure your voice is heard. It is possible to help shape any development, especially one of this size.

These are the first plans, they don’t have to be the last, the local community should be vocal about sharing what they hope will improve in this area if such a large development goes ahead.

The good news is that as it is a council development they will be more interested in listening and getting this right. Don’t ever think your concerns are too small or that you can’t shape something this significant – you can!

My starting thoughts

I have been thinking a lot about the development. There are lots of fringe benefits that cna be achieved though good planning of this development.

Below are my first thoughts – they won’t be my last:

  1. We can make significant improvements to the tube station. I have already been talking to TFL about moving the ticket machines away from the entrance to stop congestion, especially with new flats at 212 Plaistow Rd opposite. Now there should be no excuse – this many residents cannot all use the tube and queue for rickets in the same small tiny place.
  2. It is a good opportunity to bring in step-free access. I see parents with buggies and elderly residents struggle up the external stairs to the south of the station. Now is the time to sort this access out.
  3. I have been told the boxing club won’t be affected by the building. This is a bit shortsighted – you could probably add more to the development by taking in the footprint of the club and then as part of the development provide a state-of-the -art community facility as part of this development. This would make my boxcercise sessions much nicer.
  4. How can we increase provision for football and basketball on the park?
  5. Can we do something with the abandoned church site opposite. There is space here for an Screenshot 2016-10-23 12.37.04extended family sized unit with disabled access.
  6. How can we secure the future of the largely local and BME owned businesses in the area if there is to be a new high street with a supermarket?
  7. Recycling provision is a bit woeful in the area and also the residents in the two story flats behind the carpark have now communal bins – they have to out their rubbish bags in the stairwell. Lots of potential improvements here – including small electrical recycling.

I am sure I will have more thoughts, but would be interested to know your thoughts.

The consultation times are below:




Email the organisers your thoughts direct –

Join our Nextdoor community

Plaistow Hub Date Change Notice




212 Plaistow Road Development – Sunday working

This is the apology I received from the developers about Sunday working- please note their address if you have any issues or concerns 🙂

I apologise for the inconvenience caused on Sunday when the subcontractors were working when they should not have worked. I have visited site this morning and have advise the subcontractors on site that under no circumstances should they be working outside the permitted hours. The reason for the works being carried out were due to heavy rain on Friday the digger was stuck on site and could not load the materials that were delivered. The mesh was delivered in big sections where the machine would have been able to lift them and load onto site, due to the machine breakdown this was not possible and unfortunately the operatives decided to cut the mesh to a manageable size and load the into the site. This should have not been carried out and they should have waited till this morning. I again apologise for the disturbance caused.
Please find my contact details below. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,
Suresh Kerai
Project Manager

Unit 5 Hurricane Trading Estate | Avion Crescent | Colindale, London | NW9 5QW
Office 0208 358 8383 | DDI 0208 358 8391 |
Email |


I shall make sure that there are no further incidents on this project. We do not want to create any bad feelings with the neighbours and are extremely sorry that this has caused issues to the neighbours. I am available to meet with yourself. Please advise a convenient time you are available. I am busy this Tuesday and Wednesday. The artist studios are not let at present. We shall decide on the Studios nearer to completion dates
The refuse will be collected from the refuse store are that is located on Lower Ground Floor
We shall of course organise to have the windows cleaned. Is there a company that carries out the works at present, if so can you kindly forward their details.

Kind Regards,
Suresh Kerai
Project Manager

Unit 5 Hurricane Trading Estate | Avion Crescent | Colindale, London | NW9 5QW
Office 0208 358 8383 | DDI 0208 358 8391 |
Email |

Improving Plaistow Station

I have been in corrpondence with TfL about the health and safety issues around the crowding at the ecntrance to the station – it is a massive ticket hall and everything is crammed into the entrance area. Thanks to Caroline Pidgeon AM for her help.

5th September

From: Flindell Richard []

Dear Caroline

 We are currently in the early stages of looking at a coffee shop for Plaistow station and have received some interest from a prospective tenant. 

As yet, I’m afraid I cannot give you much more detail or indicative timescales; however, just to let you know that Plaistow is high on our agenda for the District line and we hope to progress this shortly. 

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. 

Best wishes

Richard Flindell I Stakeholder Communications Manager

Rail and Underground External Relations I <image001.png> Transport for London

Palestra, 197 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NJ I

25th August

From: Leach Adam []
Sent: 25 August 2016 14:04
To: Caroline Pidgeon
Cc: Members Correspondence; Flindell Richard
Subject: Plaistow Ticket hall

Thank you for passing on this correspondence regarding the ticket hall at Plaistow station.
All ticket machines on the London Underground network are emptied and restocked with cash from behind. This requires access via an associated ticket room, for safety and security reasons. Whilst relocating the existing machines would help move customer queues away from the station entrance, it would also require the associated ticket room to be rebuilt at a considerable cost.
Based on the customer frequency at Plaistow station – the current station capacity and ticketing devices adequately meet demand; meaning there is no business case to relocate the ticket machines and associated ticket room. We will however look into the possibility of providing a queue management system that would address the conflicting customer flows that your constituent has highlighted.
If you have any further questions please do contact me directly.
A. Leach | External Relations
Transport for London

5th August

Caroline it is not clear who I could send this too. Could you pass this on 🙂

It has been over a year since the staffed ticket sales at Plaistow have closed. And it is going ok.

But with a few more tweaks I think TFL could make things much easier for passengers at Plaistow.

As you know there is a big ticket lobby in Plaistow. Since the closure of the ticket booths you have made this bigger and even begun to look at extra revenue streams by putt in a photo machine.

But currently all of the ticket the machines (3) are positioned in the entrance- there are only two small doors to the station. On even quiet days this means a few hundred people walk headlong into 3 queues of people trying to pay for tickets. It makes no sense.

You have plenty of room elsewhere in the lobby to put some double sided free standing machines to reduce this build up of people. Some more modern machines may also be more reliable than the current ones which are often out order. We are lucky that the family that run the kiosk are good at selling tickets but they close early.

Last week the council got rid of the massive seating/weed area that also blocked customers entry and exit to the station – so flow to get into the station is much better – which in turn has increased the problem as you enter the station.

I am happy to ‘show and tell’ if you have some time. I really do appreciate you looking at ways to monitise the space at Plaistow, but some improvements to this ticket hall would not only be very welcome for customer flow but may also help improve ticket revenue too.

Laura Willoughby