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5 reasons not to buy from BuyKud if you live in the UK

They spend a fortune of social media advertising and show lovely clothes. But should you buy direct from China?

I bought clothes from Buykud and from my experience I would say STEER CLEAR! This is why:

  1. Buykud charge for post and packaging but are not very clear at telling you you will also have to pay important charges. On my order of over £200 in value I had to pay import charges of  £3.21 adding to the postage charges. Despite their website saying that you do not need to pay this.
  2. Returns is where the biggest problem lies. YOU PAY THE FULL COST. In my case (to comply with all their stipulations including sending signed for,  and taking photos of me posting the product) it cost me £22. They do not even offer a credit note to cover this cost. Whilst this is stated in one area of the website about returns they omit it in another area and they fail to mention it in any other correspondence about returns unless you ask.
  3. They transfer a proportion of any discount voucher you used to the goods you have returned – even though you paid for the return meaning you never get back the full value of the items ordered.
  4. You have to chase them to send the product back and even chase them for the refund – even once you have filled in their form to authorise a return you still need to email them to check they are happy for you to post it. Then send an  email with all the various photo requirements and then finally track your own order and ask for the refund.
  5. If the overseas post is delayed in any way you may miss their 15 day cut-off for a refund regardless of when you posted the item! If they drag their feet on authorising the refund this is almost inevitable.
  6. Their customer service is slow and not very helpful.
  7. Whilst I knew that being a Chinese company they  would not need to comply with same consumer rights standards as in Britain and the EU – you should never need to pay for returns with an online clothing retailer. If I had seen this in the FAQs where I looked before I ordered I would not have every placed an order.

It is a shame. For me this was a test order to see how good the quality of the clothing was – and I have to say I really like the products and only sent back ones that did not fit. But I cannot afford to order from them again!