5 reasons not to buy from BuyKud if you live in the UK

They spend a fortune of social media advertising and show lovely clothes. But should you buy direct from China?

I bought clothes from Buykud and from my experience I would say STEER CLEAR! This is why:

  1. Buykud charge for post and packaging but are not very clear at telling you you will also have to pay important charges. On my order of over £200 in value I had to pay import charges of  £3.21 adding to the postage charges. Despite their website saying that you do not need to pay this.
  2. Returns is where the biggest problem lies. YOU PAY THE FULL COST. In my case (to comply with all their stipulations including sending signed for,  and taking photos of me posting the product) it cost me £22. They do not even offer a credit note to cover this cost. Whilst this is stated in one area of the website about returns they omit it in another area and they fail to mention it in any other correspondence about returns unless you ask.
  3. They transfer a proportion of any discount voucher you used to the goods you have returned – even though you paid for the return meaning you never get back the full value of the items ordered.
  4. You have to chase them to send the product back and even chase them for the refund – even once you have filled in their form to authorise a return you still need to email them to check they are happy for you to post it. Then send an  email with all the various photo requirements and then finally track your own order and ask for the refund.
  5. If the overseas post is delayed in any way you may miss their 15 day cut-off for a refund regardless of when you posted the item! If they drag their feet on authorising the refund this is almost inevitable.
  6. Their customer service is slow and not very helpful.
  7. Whilst I knew that being a Chinese company they  would not need to comply with same consumer rights standards as in Britain and the EU – you should never need to pay for returns with an online clothing retailer. If I had seen this in the FAQs where I looked before I ordered I would not have every placed an order.

It is a shame. For me this was a test order to see how good the quality of the clothing was – and I have to say I really like the products and only sent back ones that did not fit. But I cannot afford to order from them again!

42 thoughts on “5 reasons not to buy from BuyKud if you live in the UK

  1. Morgaine

    I wish I’d read this because now I have a huge item I don’t want, no address where to return it, will cost £22 by the looks of things and I may/may not be refunded. Kind of a scam.
    Do you have a return postal address? Thanks

    1. laurawilloughby Post author

      You have to go through their complex returns process – they make it clear they won’t accept a return unless they approve it (madness!!) – you may be better off selling on ebay maybe? List what you have on their facebook page you may get some UK buyers. Like I said their clothes are not too bad – but it is not the service you would expect if you don’t want something.

      1. Pauline

        You should insist PayPal or your credit card handle your complaints . They know all about these scammers but still do business with them.
        WHY? Because they get a dirty dollar too.
        They are obliged to address your complaint and refund as part of their customer service policy.
        Stand up for yourselves and tell them how pissed off you are that they have not protected you from these crooks. I really let them have it when they told me they have known about these crooks for years.

    2. Michele Van-Gowler

      This company is really messing me about with my returns and have denied that I ordered items in the first place even though I have provided them with detailed information. I have spent 150 pounds and only want an exchange but they don’t seem to be helping me at all. I am disappointed and worried that I am just being duped.
      This company needs investigating. Avoid at all costs!!!

  2. Caronnect

    I wish I’d seen this article before I ordered. They are not responding to my enquiry about an order that has not been actioned more than 5 days ago 🙁

    1. laurawilloughby Post author

      I did but after paying £22 to send it back and losing the ‘sale’ element i did not get much back.

  3. Laraine Trueman

    I have lost my money with Buykud. Despite sending the item back, they have offered me half price or nothing. I am still in dispute with them and they are using ridiculous delaying tactics and slow replies in order to wear me down.

  4. S. Bush

    My order was placed on 18th march and has not been actioned yet. The keep asking me to choose a replacement item of same value even though I asked for a refund.

  5. Mary

    I spent over £200 with them last week. The clothing and the quality of leather used in the bags is very good but I wanted to return an item and have sent them lots of emails which they are not responding to. So I have decided to keep the items rather than risk losing my money.
    My advice is steer clear!

  6. Anne

    I ordered one dress and it arrived promptly. I Liked it….good quality and fit….so I ordered three more…..a mistake….sizing bad, quality bad and one dress was nylon !!!! but on website was described as linen. I was offered a discount to keep them. I pointed out that there was no point as they didn’t fit me !!! I got all the information to send them back via Messenger. It wasn’t complicated cost £21. I have sent them the tracking number of the parcel and told them it will be with them in 5 days. They have replied and say they will process my refund on receipt. Fingers crossed. Will update you all when I know more.

  7. Judith Wheeler

    Thank you for this information, the clothes looked great and was going to give them a try, now I won’t because of all the additional costs.

    I buy my linen, silk and cotton from SAHARA, and have never had a problem with them and the clothes are beautifully finished off.

  8. Sam Smith

    I finally got a refund after weeks of me chasing them and them ignoring me but I reported them to my bank and started leaving negative comments on their Facebook ads and I finally got my money back. Their instructions for refunds are deliberately complicated and they actually advise you to keep your order and give it to a friend! They say you cannot tell the post office the true value of the parcel you have to say it’s £15 maximum and that you cannot use a tracked delivery method – so then they simply claim they never received the parcel. They should be stopped from operating but all we can do is warn people not to use, they are a money making scam.

  9. BHector

    After reading all the reviews I have decided not to order from this company, love the look of their clothing, but afraid to pursue…

  10. Linda

    I think you have to politely persist with Buykud customer service. I would also suggest you use the email customer service and not the FB Messenger contact. Buykud initially sent me the wrong shirt. I sent pictures saying it wasn’t what I ordered. I did not offer to return the item unless they paid ALL costs. After quite a bit of back & forth, they suggested I choose another shirt which I did & they sent for free. They did not ask me to return the first shirt. This may not work for everyone, but they did seem to be trying to work with me. — re the ‘extra charges’ on the £200 order: I suspect that is customs duty levied by the U.K. on the amount of the order.

  11. Denise Mcelwain

    I have ordered a lot of clothes off this diet and buy and large been happy with them,particularly their dresses. However I recently ordered a twin set I.e. Trousers and top.The ordering was confusing and I only got half the order.I did find customer services very prompt .Returns are a nightmare and I wonder if this is a tactic to stop people returning items .I have to say I really love the style of their clothes so I know I will continue to remain a customer.As I said dresses are spot on,trousers not do good.They are also s little pricey.

  12. Margaret

    I bought a dress which I have given up on trying to return. It took several emails and Facebook posts from me to even get a retutnsn address and there is no guarantee of a full refund anyway. They have asked for a tracking number to be emailed to them and according to the post office my item will cost £47 to post with tracking. So, just not worth it. Appalling customer service. I will try to sell the dress on ebay but otherwise – best part of £60 down the drain. My advice would be to treat this company with extreme caution. Personally I will never use them again.

  13. Alex

    Thanks for this. Like others, I was tempted to order, having seen them thought Facebook. Now, however, I will not be ordering at all.

  14. Jennifer

    I was considering ordering from them as the products look good. However, given your report, here I will not do so.
    Have you posted this to Facebook, where, by the way, I found their publicity? If not, I will post a link if you agree.

    1. laurawilloughby Post author

      I have posted this a few times, but feel free to post the link to my article as many times as you like.

  15. Olivia

    The first two items I bought from this company were great but the third is MILES too big and I wanted to return. So far no response to several emails and threats to boycott and bad-mouth them. To be honest I don’t feel it’s worth the hassle to do more other than warn people NOT to buy from this company. I certainly won’t be doing so ever again.

  16. Lynda

    To be honest , I have only had one item not turn out right – but I kept it anyway. I just bought 5 items, they arrived quickly (I live in Australia) and 5/5 perfect. The clothing is actually based on Japanese style and is supposed to be over sized. I love this. I look at Sahara and frankly too expensive and a bit nana-ish …. shame so many have had so many problems with returns , but returns are still problematic across the board with online buying

  17. Tracey O'Loughlin

    i ordered two winter coats neither of them were suitable to return them would have cost £67! so i still have them in my wardrobe. Really hard to arrange a refund anyway. Cheap usually equates with really bad customer service . Just be sure what you order is what you want and dont consider returning anything as the stress is too much

  18. cherry c

    Well as with a few of you i wish I had read this before ordering ! My order eventually arrived (ordered 16th September arrived 14 October after much chasing) and it is definitely not fit for purpose. Instead of being “heavy jersey” as advertised it is more like neoprene with a fleecy lining and totally unwearable. i am going to go to the post office but suspect it will cost more to return that it is worth so I guess I just have to write off £60 – my advice is do not buy from them!

  19. Pejtra

    Hello, thank you so much for this post. I was just about to spend a fortune there and have the clothes sent all the way to Czech Republic… By the way, can you recommend any other brand with a similar style as Buykud? Thank you!

  20. Catherine

    Blimey! I keep looking at the lovely clothes on fb and am constantly tempted to buy them. They are gorgeous. Good job I read this first, as I won’t be tempted anymore.
    Wonder whether there is an equivalent designer company that we can trust?

  21. Kaye

    I ordered two dresses and received 3 thin slips
    Not what I ordered at all
    Just dreadful I sent many emails and have been fobbed off with send them back etc , but no admitting that it was not the order.
    They are completely unethical and I feel scammed

  22. Arja Litmanen

    Do not use this company. I boughts clothes and payed 230 €, they looked so lovely in pictures but big dissapointment – bad quality. And then after several messages I got returning adress to China. I send them by my own cost three months ago and now after tracking my own parcel it was in customs waiting them to collect. And now they say they cannot get it out and it will be returned to me. I do not believe anything they say anymore. Bad experience.

  23. Chris Garner

    I have recently bought two items from this company and had to wait quite a while for the parcel to be cleared at customs. Eventually TNT delivered the parcel and I have just received a bill for £65.00 import duty and VAT and have to pay this by the middle of February. Has anyone else had this? £65.00 on top of the cost makes the clothes very expensive. Not sure I will bother again.


  24. Kate

    I bought a dress in the summer and was sent the wrong size – it was a bit of a pain trying to contact them via email but I persisted ie sending emails each day for about 4 days. They asked for a photo of the dress to show the size that arrived and then sent me the correct size but didn’t want the first dress returned. So, I ended up with 2 dresses for the price of one and gave the wrong sized dress to a friend!

  25. Anne F

    I ordered a linen dress last year, with some trepidation, but it arrived within a week and was absolutely great – I love it! So then decided to order something else, assuming the same would happen, but this package got held up in customs (which I only discovered by constantly checking TNT tracking offered and phoning them to ask what was going on). I then had to send TNT proof of the value of my order (about £50, I sent them an invoice copy) and they then released it. Again, the dress is lovely and I’ve been wearing it lots. Then yesterday I received an invoice from TNT totalling £34.15 – it seems Buykud declared the value of my dress to be $24 and I am being charged for whatever the import duty difference would have been. ME – THE CUSTOMER. I have rung TNT and stated that surely I should not be liable – I can hardly know what Buykud are declaring on their paperwork in Guangdong, I am a private individual customer and in fact have little knowledge of the customs procedures of large overseas companies! They have agreed to review my invoice and will email me with their findings. What a huge shame – the clothes are lovely and have been much admired whenever I wear them – but no more orders from me that’s for sure. Now, what’s needed is someone to set up an outlet in the UK…..

  26. Bev

    I have had similar incounter with this company.
    I am still battling with them for a refund for goods from Nov 17 that were sent with large very evident fading on the material of the dress I ordered.
    It is obvious from your blog this i# a company to avoid

  27. T

    I was about to order a few dresses worth £200 but from the reviews I read – thank God I read them – I am NOT ordering them ! “Nylon ? “ ugh ! I guess this is to be expected from a dubious company with scant information about itself ! I had been cheated once yes by a CHINESE online company so goodbye cheaters ! Thank you to the reviewers who have saved me a lot of stress and money .:)

  28. Marianne

    They also have wrong information about the materials of their products on the web-page. The item I ordered was said to be 100%wool – in fact it is 100% polyester. And I should pay to return it to China.
    They asked me to choose an item as compensation (as they are not giving my money back). But they cannot tell the materials of them. Oh. So frustrating and stupid.

  29. jo stevens

    I have been following this thread closely as i have suffered from the same issues as many of the contributors (3 months ago i returned an item that didn’t fit, was ignored for weeks, item stuck in customs etc. etc.)
    I have been insisting on a refund with them ever since, i sent over 30 emails, started a paypal claim.
    When i started leaving negative messages on their facebook (I was blocked!) and leaving bad reviews on every review site I could get to and informing them so, today I FINALLY got a refund!
    if you are having the same battle with Buykud, DO NOT GIVE UP! they rely most heavily on facebook advertising, so hit them where it hurts

  30. Lynn


    Like so many other reviewers, I too have been a victim of this company’s deceptive and unlawful merchant practices. BUYKUD (located in Great Britain) also has an association to Fantasy Linen (located in China) and “both” online web shops are engaging in unethical, unacceptable, and unlawful business operations.

    I received items that were not the same as those pictured and described on their website and merchandise that arrived in damp condition with a noxious odor. The company demanded that I incur the return shipping expense for items I received that were not what I ordered including the piece that arrived in damp / damaged condition. I was also asked to “lie” to custom authorities regarding the value of the return which was significantly less than the actual amount purchased.

    I have since alerted custom officials to this merchant’s illegal request. In addition, I initiated a dispute claim with PayPal for non-receipt of products purchased including damaged goods. Fortunately, PayPal brought my claim to a timely and satisfactory closure and issued a full refund (shipping inclusive) to my account. Consumers should submit a complaint to their country’s governmental authority that monitors online merchant selling / trade practices, inform customs officials of this merchant’s deceptive actions to avoid paying duties and taxes, and also notify their banking institution to request a full chargeback to their credit card.

  31. Jenny Pearson

    I love the designs they show. Reluctant to buy from other countries, just for the reason stated here.
    They have a few bits on Amazon uk which I bought and with returns no problems.

    Wish they had an Uk Outlet, might be a great opportunity for someone?


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